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It's Got Lots Of Names, But It's All Gaffers Tape

Gaffers tape, like most cloth tapes, is made in large, wide rolls, much like carpet. Those rolls are called "jumbos".

The tape is then slit to specific widths by the tape converter, in a process that slices the tape to width and then winds it onto a cardboard or plastic hub.

This product has taken on a number of specialized names, based on the specific width and application for the tape.

A few of these are:

Spike Tape-gaffers tape slit to 1/2 inch widths.

-spike tape is used to mark temporary postions on a stage floor or video set to indicate where performers, props or scenery should be positioned.

Route Setting Tape-gaffers tape slit to 1 inch widths.

-route setting tape is used in climbing gyms to mark climbing routes with different degrees of difficulty, based on the color of the tape.

Dutchmans Tape-gaffers tape converted to 4 inch widths.

-dutchman's tape is used for making temporary repairs.

Gaff Tape-another name for standard 2 inch width gaffers tape.

- primaryily used for temporarialy securing cables to the floor.

Helicopter Tape- two and three inch gaffers tape with very aggressive adhesive.

-used for temporary repairs on aircraft and racing cars.

1000 Mile Per Hour Tape- same as "helicopter tape", above.

Gaffa Tape-alternate spelling for gaffers tape.

- standard 2 inch and 3 inch widths.

Do you have other names for gaffers tape? Let us know and we'll add them to this glossary.



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It's Got Many Names- They're All Gaffers Tape

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